My name is Antje Frommelt and I am a professional retoucher for over 10 years.

Working primarily in the high-end fashion and beauty area but I do also work on e-commerce projects on request.

My background originally lies in the architectural visualization of images and from there I started to gather experience in many different fields of image manipulation.

From 2007 to 2012 I worked in London on different projects as well as with a various different photography studios such as Spring Studios or Hungry Tiger Studios where I was also leading a team of retouchers.

After that I became a senior member of the ZALANDO Berlin retouching team working closely with photographers and art directors on lookbooks, various catalog projects and large print campaigns.

At the moment I am based in Germany and am working remotely.

From the processing of the image to the final result, my working method is non-destructive and being done on a,  to industry standards, calibrated EIZO Monitor.

"If you can´t tell a picture is retouched - I have done a good job"

For rates please do feel free to get in touch.
After reviewing your project I will give you an estimation for time and costs.

Email me:
contact: antje.frommelt80@gmail.com 

Antje Frommelt High-End Retouching
Schmiedestrasse 5, 29339 Wahrenholz, Germany

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